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S75 mPT#2: Saying Hello Due: Monday, February 26th @ 11:59pm PST

Hey @Evok thanks for inviting me to QCC, and getting me in my first SHL locker room! It's cool I'm not just still playing but the same player you once added to your locker room!

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02-19-2024, 05:21 PMVandy Wrote: @karey you know how much I love and appreciate you. You were the first person who reached out to me when I was feeling so low after my mom died and despite not knowing me you offered me money! you offered help! you offered so much. I am forever grateful to you and you'll always be my friend Smile

Love you too man. I’m so grateful that you find ways to let me know I was of help. It means a lot to me for you to post this.

My first friend on this site would likely have to be @Mayuu as we bonded over shared interests and being a genuinely nice human. Watching your streams were elite times for me

Unfortunately haven't talked to him in a while, but @steveoiscool was the first person that I really connected with here. Without him I doubt I would have stuck around as long as I have and been as active as I have been.


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i refuse to thank samee for anything so @Gwdjohnson thank you for being my brother in arms dentge handshake jokerge dentge bluedentge blue dentge handshake

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@jkrever you may be long inactive now, but you brought this league into the world and brought it back from the dead after that. We all owe you your kudos. You'd be shocked how far we've come.

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@JNH may have not been my first friend in the SHL but he was the first person I really connected with on a deeper level in the SHL community. I look back with a smile at all the late night chatzys, fun night playing NHL on PS3, chatting about life, talking Leafs, going through the university application process together, etc.

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@Acsolap is the main reason i was able to stick around on the SHL at all after creating because he helped me learn shit when I was lost as fuck, and that was before he even took a chance drafting me to Anchorage. Big dog tiger woods pic (48 words)

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Can't remember my first friend from over 10 years ago.. I will nominate @Zema for this mPT! He has been a great friend in both STL and COL locker rooms!

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i don't think i have a first friend, but i'll go with my fantastic cogm in the isfl @Crazytomato , youre the best man

@crutch you are awesome & so glad I met you homie. Thanks for getting me into the SHL & playing on the same teams every now & again has been fun

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@nykonax I actually am not sure if you're the person who brought me over to the SHL, but I'm going to assume you were. Happy alert if you're still even here

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Thanks @Amidships!

this is a rough one because all of the qcc rookies from my class are people who I would honestly consider to be friends… I guess I’ll do the diplomatic answer and say @RAmenAmen for helping me really get my bearings in the league and get me started off on a good foot : )

@Rangerjase thank you for introducing me to the wide scary world of espresso machines. My wife did not like that move by the way, she does not appreciate her kitchen counter being taken up by coffee.

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Big shoutout to @Nhamlet for really taking the time out of their life to make the first few seasons of my SHL career amazing.  Truly a gem!


Most of the people from very early on aren't really around anymore, so I'll just pick someone from a few months into the league. @Tate It's great to see that you're back again. Let's talk some more soon.

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