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S57 mPT #4 - say something nice about someone

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year and with the end-of-year holiday season upon us it's a time to be hopeful and think  future blah blah whatever you know the stuff

For this mPT, the task is simple: say something nice about someone else in the league. I know people love to do sarcastic things like "oh hey @Gwdjohnson i like how you are always so bad and smelling bad and youre a big loser haha you sux!" but let's all drop that schtick for this week and say something legitimately nice about someone in the league. Someone you respect or are thankful for or appreciate in some way or another. Brighten someone's day!

25 words minimum saying something legitimately nice about someone else in the league.

You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling that requirement.

This PT will close Sunday, December 27th at 11:59pm ET.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me.

This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies.

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thanks @Carpy48 and @frithjofr and @rum_ham and @Julio Tokolosh and @Briedaqueduc for the sigs
Armada Inferno norway
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Where to begin? 

Might as well start with the beginning and try and keep it brief.

@sve7en thank you for stumbling into this weirdly great place and encouraging us to join as well.  

@Faelax @Cobbenstein @AgentSmith630  @7 Thank you for tolerating my obscure randomness, and growing together without you guys I don't know how I would have gotten through this year. 

@FuzzSHL @trella  Thank you for fostering the Carolina Locker room full of mythology while always encouraging class and respect above all else.

@TheDangaZone @slothfacekilla @ACapitalChicago  I have nothing but love for you guys. You each bring something completely special to the Carolina Locker room/the league and I'm blessed to get to interact with you all on a daily basis. 

@Ace A key piece in something special and always a great person to talk to. I'll always be grateful for the games we've played so far. I hope you're having a great holiday with the family. I'm glad to still see you involved in the league, It wouldn't be the same without you.

@MegaSkuci @bordon23 @peej2189 @Bongo @Zaitsev @Nobody  With an insanely large S54 class thank you for trusting the process, keeping spirits high even though we had a rough first season you all kept the locker room light and a fun place to be and I'm thankful for that.

@kenvald @LairdButler thank you for being key pieces in our S54 4-star cup win. The two of you immediately found your place in the locker room and I had a blast being on the same team with both of you although it was brief.  

@overdoo @Mazatt  Y'all 'ready know how great the two of you are. I'm excited to see what the future holds for both of you.

@Fitted2106 @PremierBromanov Part of the Carolina-Tampa cross-over. You guys are amazing and I'm lucky to have you guys. We'll need to meet up and get a beer or something. 

@MCP_ the mastermind of the whole operation. The true hipster of blowing it up. You had foresight to realize your team was not built for the FHM era and instead created two immediate cup champions. Supplying crucial assets to cup winners. 

@trella I need to thank you for going 0-50. It's a historic feat that will never be replicated. I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to being the Tampa Co 

@Rangerjase @Rankle @FlappyGiraffe @Muford @peej2189 @MyLittleHexx @rum_ham @Jorec @TomHanks @Matty7478 @Jericson @Pythonic  @Wearingabear @W19eaver @ddrector @ThisSeemsFishy @LimJahey You all are great people and I'm thrilled to be on this journey together! CHOMP CHOMP!!

@Dextaria we haven't interacted too much outside of the world LR, but thank you for being the person pushing me to earn and not miss a beat.

There are a ton more people I could shout out and thank that are pinnacles of this community people like badwolf, luke, nour, spartangibbles, hotdog, drunkenteddy, RCD etc....This community doesn't work without you guys. I can't thank you all enough for the work that you've done.
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Aight here are some compliments from beeg yoshi

@juke @Nhamlet y’all have done a great job with taking over the Zerkers from JNH and Corey! Couldn’t ask for a better GM duo.  Not gonna lie, I thought we were going to have someone completely new to the Zerkers hop on, so it was really amazing that y’all took over and we still be vibing.

@JNH @SDCore y’all were the best GM duo i could ask for as a first gen player that had no idea what he was doing with updates and everything going on. Seriously, you guys really helped me out a bunch with getting started with sim hockey and those first two seasons were a lot of fun as a rookie that mostly had no idea what was going on besides the sims.

@Festinator festyyyyyy! You’re the best draft class buddy I could ask for on the Zerkers! Absolute pleasure to vibe with you in the locker room, and man it’s fun to see Jonas popping off in sims!

@teztify tezzzzzzzzz! You’re a great captain for the Zerkers and it’s great vibing with you, even though you poisoned me that one time in Holmgang. We’re still the most OP imposter duo eh

@Sopath @TheBigSandeenie soap and Sandeenie! You guys are great lads in the locker room and I really appreciate everything y’all have done for the team, like Soap helping Ham and Juke with scouting and also helping me with media, and Sandeenie posting screenshots of all the sim results every day!

@Count Chocula  chocccccccccc! You’re a great guy in the Zerkers locker room and I love vibing with you!

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There's honestly so many people I'd love to mention.

First, @Moreorless89. You have been the best bud I've had since joining the sim league. From the first day we got drafted to the Whalers to when you got drafted to Toronto North Stars (steal of the draft might I add), the Luffy-Sato connection has been going strong. P.S. Luffy Richard > Monkey D. Luffy.

Then, there is the Vancouver squad. It's hard to tag every single one of you since you've all come and gone as the seasons went by, and now we're all on separate teams, but @Skeleton Party, @mee, @Pythonic, @Kraagenskul, @kenvald, @Kyamprac, @FleshBagSoup, @MN_Moosey, @Arkz, and so many more I'd like to shootout for making the Vancouver locker room a great place to be, especially for my first sim league. I couldn't have asked for a better set of guys to be my teammates. This is not even mentioning the alumni like @Otrebor13, @MCP_, @Inf1d3l, @Nokazoa, @efiug, and @SecondSucks22 who still stick around and are great people to talk to, and learn more about the sim league. Plus, Tucci has been killing it with his streams and Jax is great to talk to in Mill's stream. I love having you all in the locker room. Last but not least for the Whalers, there's the management team in @dmills3 who gave it his all as GM and I'm happy left on a Four Star Cup win, @boom who was my teammate and now GM doing an amazing job managing everything, and @"luketd" who got me into the management team in my first season!

As for the North Stars, there's @jeffie43 who I remember so clearly welcoming me warmly while I was still a bit hesitant about meeting a new team. I could say he's the one that got me started with Steam and gaming haha. Btw, I still have that Google Drive that you made me! I really appreciated it and I even used an overlay in the Vancouver Whalers Championship Banner! Then, there is @ml002 who took a chance on me, a first-gen player that tbh had barely talked to the North Stars leading up to the draft. I was completely blown away during that day and a little nervous as well, but I'm super grateful for that chance. The North Stars are like my family now and I can't see myself anywhere else. There's also a couple two players that I'd like to shoutout in @UrsinZ and @Carpy48 because they are always there when I'm winding down for the day as a West Coaster. Lastly, there's the rest of the team who as I said before, is a part of my SHL family. @Rich, I love your knowledge and podcast (sorry I haven't been to one live as of late!). @Mika_Kandinsky and @gurbs, the old guard that stuck around for the rebuild. @honkerrs and @notoriousTRON, your banter between each other is hilarious and brightens my day everytime I see it. @CptSquall, my next door neighbour basically! Let's get a drink sometime haha. And last but not least our prospects in @Tylar, @SFresh3, @juniped, and @mdubz, as well as @Tayjay, @Massive Coiler, and @charlieconway our latest addition! (I still remember our Pro/Am submission!). Every single one of you have been great and I love you all!

I'm kind of running out of time here (doing this close to the deadline lol), but there are honestly so many more people that I'd love to mention like the SHN/SJHN, SHL GMs and the SMJHL GMs, and of course the budget team. Just know that if I ever had the chance to chat and talk to any single one of you, you have left a mark. Everyone I've talked to in the SHL have been nothing less than amazing and I can't wait to meet more of you soon!

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Thanks to @DELIRIVM, @Moreorless89 and @ValorX77 for the sigs!

i really like the players in the hamilton steelhawks and i feel like they are really great at keeping me interested in the league

@nour you are really funny and i like your jokes, and even though you may miss hooks a lot in league, you keep it light hearted

@Waters you are also really funny and I'm glad we could reunite since we used to play together in Detroit or some shit i don't remember that was a couple years ago

@Hallsy its really funny when you say "ah know, ah know" even though you don't really know, makes me laugh

@Gooney you are also really funny

i play league almost everyday with everyone listed here and its really helped me though the pandemic and school stress and all that, and i truly think its the best LR I've ever been in

[Image: izzy.PNG]

@jeffie43 you are a great guy and I hope your player ends up being the best defenseman of all time
@Gwdjohnson you did a great job building up Canada's locker room. 
@Briedaqueduc you are one of the most loyal people I've ever met and a great friend.

[Image: rotti.gif]

@goldenglutes shoutout to you for being my main man for life
@hotdog shoutout to you for almost having me on your podcast
@goldenglutes shoutout to you again for having the best podcast on the SHL

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Thanks to JSS for the signature

[Image: ohmEd0h.png][Image: apAE8qn.png]

@Ferda is possibly the best person on the site and has very selflessly helping me get through what has been a pretty rough last few weeks/months. He also got me a very cool mug for the Hamilton secret santa which is perfect for my morning coffee.

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[Image: nMz40Vc.gif]

@Evok It's amazing how much heart and soul you put into making Quebec the best place to be in the league. It's clear how much you care for the team and it doesn't go unnoticed.

@Hordle @Faelax You guys are way too nice to have given me gifts of actual monetary value just so I can have fun posting gifs in our discord. I appreciate your generosity.

Heart Citadelles

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Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, and @zeagle1 for all the sigs!
Canada Citadelles pride syndicate
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@thiefofcheese we have our differences sometimes because you love cheese and I don’t like cheese, but I respect your opinion anyways because you also like spicy chicken sandwiches from CFA. Would love to see you back and active on the site.

@Segi you stood out to me during my early times in the league as someone I could learn from. I always respected your ideas and work in SMJHL HO during our limited time together as well.

[Image: DrbPYHV.png] [Image: UDyqktK.png]
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I’m sorry for robbing you in the Winnipeg Locker Room. It sure is fun to fight and take things that don’t belong to us. Typing this really looks bad! Thanks for being a good friend this season! I’m so happy to be on your team and have you as #MyGoalie, and being in the Winnipeg Locker Room with everyone is so much fun! It is starting to come alive! Look out for us soon! 

Pls Rob @Geekusoid

Huge thanks to @AgentSmith630 for giving me tutorials at midnight ET to teach me how to sim and get me ready for the WJC! Hopefully one day I can have as good of a sim like yours! 

Here is a special thanks to the rookies from last season in Detroit! @Halkohol and @Mr. Finland you guys have been so much fun in the Detroit LR! I hope you do great things in the SHL... well of course not against me! And to the ENTIRE Detroit LR! You guys have been the best part of my time here! SKREEES Falcons 

Here is another thanks to @notorioustig I think I would of washed out and probably stopped playing if it wasn’t for Tig, anytime I had a question or make sure I am doing it correctly, he was first person there to help and I learned a ton from him! So hopefully one day I can be as good of a GM as him! 

Now to these guys! 
@"Awesomecakes"@Rangerjase@leviadan - you guys have been my #1’s since joining in March! Thanks for the laughs and fun times playing games and trying to fight over Discord Ranks in our chat. Here is to many more laughs! 

Big shoutout to @JaytheGreat for telling me about SHL! I’m so happy I decided to take the jump into the SHL! Jay see you on our podcast 3 Idiots Talk Sports!!!

Drafted 2nd round 21st Pick by the Winnipeg Jets in S55 SHL Entry Draft 
GM of the UCORCAL in the WJC S55
S55 WJC Gold Medalist GM/Player for UCORCAL
Management Role for Russia in the IIHF
Recent Management Role / Head Coach for Winnipeg Aurora in SHL 
CO-GM St. Louis Scarecrows S57-S60
GM of the St. Louis Scarecrows S61-Present
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[Image: IMG_0301.jpg]

@fishy @Grum @jeffie43 @Ferda @Gwdjohnson @TnlAstatine @Briedaqueduc @Memento Mori @Patty @Nhamlet thank you for playing rocket league or whatever with my boosted ass you guys are all super fun to play with

@bdu754 thank you for being the most wholesome zerker

[Image: harrington-tor.png]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars

@Evok is one of the sweetest and nicest people I've met in my internet life. She helps me with anything and everything that I need, and always gives me advice and help whenever I need it. She's one of my favorite people in any sim league and I cherish our friendship endlessly!

[Image: petrov.png]


Dear future lover, your kindnesa exceeds all expectations. No matter on what level people are here, treatment is equal, truly equal. Youve picked yourself the right profession for sure and I kniw for sure you will rock it pretty friggin hard.


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This one goes out to my boy @overdoo, we may have gone different paths to the SHL, but we still talk a shit-ton about the league almost every day as if we aren't on different teams, and have been for two seasons now. You're open and honest about where you stand on the league and on individuals in the league and you are possibly overambitious (Who applies for a job and then immediately hopes they don't get it?) but in a good way. Also, your emoji game is on fire ever since you got nitro, you always no the right emote to throw on to get a laugh. Just a great overall dude and the first person I've genuinely like, talked frequently with in DM's on discord in a long long time. Absolute baller at rocket league too, but I'm 90% sure I'm better, I'm just full of untapped potential

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