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Berserkers Franchise History and Museum
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[Image: Newfoundland-min.png]
Franchise History
(S45-S51 as Lethbridge Lions)

[Image: image.png]
Spreadsheet with more info and clickable season indexes!

General Managers

DanbyRem (S45 - S48)
Co-GM: Justice (S45 - S48)
JNH (S49 - S56)*
Co-GM: Kylrad (S49)
Co-GM: SDCore (S50 - S56)*
Nhamlet (S57 - S64)*****
Co-GM: juke (S57 - S61)***
Co-GM: bdu754 (S62 - S64)**
Patty (S65 - Present)
Co-GM: Lime (S65 - S68)
Co-GM: Sburbine (S69 - Present)

* Nour Harrak Award Winner


[Image: image.png]

First Round Picks

S45: Eva Lykke Aparjode (9th OV)
S46: Thomas Bathory (3rd OV)
S47: Gordon Bombay (5th OV)
S49: Akira Ren (3rd OV), Disisde Dayudie (5th OV), Luca Veccelli (6th OV)
S51: Slatt Potts (5th OV), Riley Kuse (10th OV)
S52: Steve Harrington (4th OV)
S53: PBJ Souppan (3rd OV)
S54: Liam Slate (1st OV)
S56: Matty Sandeen (4th OV), Bas O'Bigbers (9th OV)
S57: Billy Brooks (11th OV)
S58: Aleksandrs Balcers (1st OV)
S61: Mikko Rashford (5th OV), Tommy Tightpants (11th OV)
S62: Rand al'Thor (5th OV), Valters Denisova (13th OV)
S63: Luca Hunziker (14th OV)
S64: Matsmith Söderberg-Tremblay (14th OV)
S66: Rasmus Bergling (13th OV)
S67: Hingle McCringleberry (7th OV)
S68: Antoine Beauregard (1st OV)

Berserker Legends

SMJHL Records

Single Season

(All-Time) Shots - Mikko Rashford (315)
(All-Time) Assists - Rand al'Thor (57)
(All-Time) Plus/Minus - Emeril Lagasse (+81)
(All-Time) Shutouts - Jonas Johansson (14)

(FHM 50-Game Era) Goals - Mats Marner (32)
(FHM 50-Game Era) Assists - Matthew Forrester (38)
(FHM 50-Game Era) Power-Play Goals - Mats Marner, Ryuuji Minamino (12)

Career (All-Time)

Points - Emeril Lagasse (281)
Goals - Emeril Lagasse (136)
Assists - Rand al'Thor (181)
Shots - Mikko Rashford (1085)
Plus/Minus - Jannik Nordstern (+213)

Wins - Jonas Johansson (155)
GAA - Jonas Johansson (1.91)
Shutouts - Jonas Johansson (34)
Defenceman Points - Rand al'Thor (244)
Defenceman Assists - Rand al'Thor (181)
Defenceman Goals - Rand al'Thor, Mikko Rashford (63)
Defenceman Shots - Mikko Rashford (1085)

Berserker Records

Single Season

Points - Alexander Mackenzie (89)
Goals - Emeril Lagasse (43)
Assists - Rand al'Thor (57)
Plus/Minus - Emeril Lagasse (+81)
Shots - Mikko Rashford (315)
PIM - Jay Boom'Boom (115)
Hits - Billy Brooks (194)
Shots Blocked - Renji Atake (139)


Points - Emeril Lagasse (281)
Goals - Emeril Lagasse (136)
Assists - Rand al'Thor (181)
Plus/Minus - Jannik Nordstern (+213)
Shots - Mikko Rashford (1085)
PIM - Pope Coswi (281)
Hits - Billy Brooks (516)
Shots Blocked - Merlin Metzler (346)

SMJHL Awards

Mats Marner - Raymond Lindsay, Alex Light, Jared Hanson, Roberto Martucci
Ryuuji Minamino - Elias Armia, Raymond Lindsay, Zach Miller, Jared Hanson
Mikko Rashford - Elias Armia, Zach Miller, Quilha Agante, Brodie Witzel

Rand al'Thor - Alex Light, Quilha Agante x2
Emeril Lagasse - Roberto Martucci, Ronan O'Keefe, Brodie Witzel
Alexander Mackenzie - Ideen Fallah, Alex Light, Jared Hanson

Cale Amundsen - Cedric Robinson, Esa Anrikkanen
Aleksandrs Balcers - Quilha Agante, Esa Anrikkanen
Jonas Johansson - Matt Lewis-Flood, Brodie Witzel

Evil Allbran - Vyacheslav Onoprienko
Robert Black - Ideen Fallah
Ric Charlesworth - Ronan O'Keefe
Jeff Larsson - Ronan O'Keefe
Jannik Nordstern - Alexis Metzler
Bas O'Bigbers - Zach Miller
Jay O'Neill - Alexis Metzler
Merlin Metzler - Alexis Metzler
Evgeni Petrov - Cedric Robinson
Akira Ren - Esa Anrikkanen
Matty Sandeen - Ron Bolt
Matsmith Soderberg-Tremblay - Elias Armia
Nina Tucker - Matt Lewis-Flood
Slavakov Vladimirashenko - Elias Armia
AJ Williams - Ronan O'Keefe

Legends updated to S66


Career Player Stats
SHL Draftees

Special thanks to @juke and @Sopath

[Image: harrington-tor.png] [Image: R6XvE8Q.png?ex=65336370&is=6520ee70&hm=e...a1696add2&]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars
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[Image: off.png?width=228&height=683] [Image: s60banner.png?width=228&height=683] [Image: prank.png?width=228&height=683] [Image: um.png?width=228&height=683] [Image: hello.png?width=228&height=683] [Image: s70banner-nfb1.png]

6-Time Four Star Cup Champions
Season 55 | Season 60 | Season 62 | Season 63 | Season 64 | Season 70

[Image: S55Newfie.png] [Image: s60_BER_4s.png] [Image: s62_BER_4s.png][Image: s63_BER_4s.png] [Image: s64_BER_4s.png] [Image: X490Lg0.png]

[Image: harrington-tor.png] [Image: R6XvE8Q.png?ex=65336370&is=6520ee70&hm=e...a1696add2&]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars
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Newfoundland Berserkers Museum



"Saying Goodbye to Lethbridge" by JNH | Newfoundland relocation/rebrand announcement
"A tale of one of the most incredible draft day trades ever!" by Sopath | Retrospective of the trade that would become Minamino
"Newfoundlads Podcast #1" by Patty | Long running Berserkers podcast
"A look into the Newfoundland Berserkers Prospects' New Homes- Draft Review" by leafsftw1967/Darian | Season 54 SHL draft review
"Attention All SMJHL Prospects- Why The Berserkers Is The Best Team For You!" by leafsftw1967/Darian | Season 55 propaganda
"A First for Newfoundland" by JNH | Induction of Ryuuji Minamino into HOF

Nhamlet Era

"New Newfoundland GM Presser and Announcement" by Nhamlet | Nhamlet and Juke GM announcement
"100% Science-based Newfoundland Friends and Family Tree" by Lime | Newfoundland locker-room analysis
"NL GM Interview" by bdu754/yosh | Season 57 interview with Nhamlet and Juke
"How Newfoundland's Upset Over Maine In S57 Defined The Rivalry" by Sopath | Maine rivalry
"Newfoundland welcomes S58 captains" by Juke | Season 58 captains
"A look at the Zerk Locker Room" by visceralpotamus | Interview with S58 rookies
"Vaseline Podcalzone Junior Career Retrospective" by bdu754/yosh | Retrospective from the beeg yosh
"Newfoundland History Announcement" by Nhamlet | Induction of Mats Marner, Cale Amundsen into HOF
"The Players' Tribune - Saying Goodbye with a Cup" by lmao/Twix | Shion Okamoto goodbye
"NL Influencer Index" by Lime | Newfoundland locker-room analysis
"Newfoundland Season 62 Captaincies!" by bdu754/yosh | Season 62 captains
"From Lethbridge Lions to Newfoundland Berserkers - a 10th anniversary story" by Carpy48 | Cool logo, throwbacks, history
"Breaking News out of Newfoundland" by bdu754/yosh | April Fools 2022

Patty Era

"AJ Williams' Career Recap/Update" by ajwllmsn | Story time from the asscap
"Berserker Season Recap" by mystick | A look at season 68


[Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png] [Image: pasted_image_0.png]
[Image: rink_newfoundland_berserkers_0.png?width...height=672] [Image: QWDQz4B.jpeg?width=1083&height=683]

[Image: harrington-tor.png] [Image: R6XvE8Q.png?ex=65336370&is=6520ee70&hm=e...a1696add2&]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars
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Lethbridge Lions Museum


DanbyRem Era

"Bringing Back Some Old Friends" by Nobody | Lethbridge expansion announcement
"The Lethbridge Lions S45 Captains!" by TnlAstatine | Season 45 captains


"Lethbridge Lions Press Conference" by JNH | JNH GM announcement
"Lions Captaincy Announcement" by JNH | Season 49 captains
"The Secrets of Lethbridge" by Chaxterium | Wall of text
"My SMJHL career (by Harry Carpet)" by Carpy48 | Lethbridge goalie retrospective


[Image: leth1.png?width=400&height=400] [Image: leth2.png?width=400&height=400] [Image: leth3.png?width=400&height=400] [Image: SMJHL-Lions.png] [Image: 9hhhI2u.png]

Jersey designs by Carpy48

[Image: harrington-tor.png] [Image: R6XvE8Q.png?ex=65336370&is=6520ee70&hm=e...a1696add2&]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars

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