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Mats Marner Signs Himself Back to Chicago
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Following the resignations of Schwarz and Corey as the general managers of the Chicago Syndicate there is uncertainty about the future of the franchise's management. However, this has not deterred the long-time core of the Chicago Syndicate from expressing the desire to stick together and valuing the friendships that have been made over the years. After having discussions in the Chicago Syndicate war room and the players only team meeting, Mats Marner has decided to resign himself to the Chicago Syndicate to ensure eligibility to play out the final season of his career in S74 before announcing his official retirement:

S74: $3mil

I would understand if others decided to leave Chicago with the ageing core and lack of any direction in terms of management but Marner has played 14 seasons with the Syndicate and intends to play out his final season and retire a Chicago where there were so many great memories made and friendships developed over the years. I appreciate you all Chicagos :chisnuggle:

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<3 Much love Serker brother!

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@leafsftw1967 Hey Leafs, this is after the signing freeze, so this will be denied. after the signing freeze you can re-sign with Chicago

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