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S73 SMJHL All-Stars and Last Players In!
(This post was last modified: 11-19-2023, 02:05 PM by Caleb.)

As always, another season of the SMJHL is in the books. With that being said, here are your S73 SMJHL All-Stars!

Armada Joseph Reed
Kraken Betzee Nickelback
Raptors Shadow Fenix
Falcons Trevor Lahey
Grizzlies Jae-ik Barron
Knights Kevin Kim
Timber Shootin Blanks
Battleborn Thomas Sawschuk
Berserkers Erik Erikson
Citadelles Jeff Hunziker
Elk Mercedes Baylé
Scarecrows Dominik Winters
Malamutes Theodore Svatos
Battleborn Aksel VINSen
Timber Logan Webb
Battleborn Brock Samson
Berserkers Dan Craig
Whalers Inactive Forever
Citadelles Ryland Murphy
Whalers Lily Jin Morrow
Citadelles Celeste Desjardins
Elk Just-to-buy My-love

Battleborn I-Stir MyPudding
Elk Guy Incognito
Whalers Johnny Shuffleboard
Whalers Scott Seitz
Berserkers Ondrej von Stoodrick
Armada Cheeks Klapanen
Citadelles Jaromir Jagrbomb
Battleborn Schnopple lopple
Timber Mick Mayhem
Raptors Nik Smith

Whalers Scary Jerry
Malamutes Jim Wen
Falcons Wayne Holloway
Armada Stun Gun

You can vote for the Last Players In here!
Last Players In voting will be due this Friday, November 24th at 11:59pm EST.

[Image: Caleb_H.gif]

I love @kahri to death but Betzee Nickelback is a... surprising inclusion

[Image: UCTqPUg.png]
[Image: lIYTYDN.png]

0 for 3 on the Hillbilly? cmon...

[Image: photostudio-1699922736622.jpg]

Jim wen

[Image: lebbish.gif]


[Image: pbe2.gif]
[Image: sN8N4xa.png][Image: GATPRRX.png][Image: xd5tvj8.png]


                                              [Image: hbtB38x.png]
                                                  Canada Knights Monarchs Thank you Enigmatic for sig!  Monarchs Knights Canada
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I understand not being an All-Star on S70, but these past three seasons? I don't even know how ASG works here, but that's weird and feeling snubbed. All cool though. Congrats to all fellas who made it. <3

Stars Stars Stars
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Nope, I'm not on Vancouver. But cool to be included.

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Class S55
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Reincarnated- Class S71

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