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SHL75: #36: Vidrik Onoprienko
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Vidrik Onoprienko

One of the staples of the Winnipeg Roster for all of the S20’s, Vidrik was a major contributor to why Winnipeg was one of the better teams during this era. Winning 2 cups in that span, as well as getting into the playoffs for most of the time Vidrik was at his peak form.

First a rookie in S18, he was nominated for the Ryan Jesster. Scoring 8 goals, 13 assists for 21 points. S19 showed considerable improvement though, as he was given more opportunity, he scored 20 goals, 18 assists for 28 points. Getting nominated for the Richan trophy for most improved, getting an All Star nod, and winning the Challenge Cup with Winnipeg. For a sophomore season, it was a step in the right direction for Vidrik.

S20 was a step back, only scoring 11 goals, 22 assists for 33 points. A disappointing season for sure. S21 made things a lot better though, as he broke out. When the SHL switched to 52 games played for a short while, starting in S21, Vidrik made the most of the opportunity. Scoring 21 goals, 24 assists for 45 points. His scoring touch back, and getting more assists, this is the first time he his 40+ points in his career.

S22 is when Vidrik saw his minutes climb even more, and with that he took advantage. Scoring 19 goals, 30 assists for 49 points, this is the first time he brushed upon being a PPG game player. Most importantly though, this is when he got his first Ron Mexico nomination. 5th in the league in scoring, Vidrik was crucial to Winnipeg's Success, earning him the nomination.

S23 was another great success for Vidrik. Scoring a career high 24 goals, 29 assists, and a career high 53 points. This was the first time he was a PPG player. Being a 1st All Star, Winning the Jay McDonald for most goals, Winning the Sarmad Khan for player voted MVP, and getting nominated for his 2nd Ron Mexico. This was his best season yet.  On Top of that, with 180 hits, Vidrik won the Jeff Dar Trophy for best two-way forward this season.

S24 showed a similar statline, albeit slightly regressed. Scoring 22 goals, 26 assists for 38 points. He was still an elite player, but not one of the best that season. Only getting 2nd all star team. But the goal scoring touch still remained.

S25 was the peak season for him. The first season back to 50 games after S21-S24 was bumped to 52 games. With reduced minutes because of that, Vidrik had his best season of his career. Scoring 26 goals, 28 assists for 54 points. Vidrik was a monster both in the regular season and the playoffs. For the regular season, winning the Jay McDonald a 2nd time for most goals in a season. Getting his 3rd Ron Mexico nomination, but not winning. In the playoffs however, he popped off for 20 points in 18 games. Winning the Anton Razov trophy.

S25 was his last major scoring season. From S26-S29 still being great seasons, but never matching what he was. Going 42,52,49, and 42 points. He was still one of the best players in the league, but no awards during that time to show for it. And his scoring dropped, only scoring 19,18,13, and 14 goals.

In S30, Vidrik was showing signs of slowing down. After 9 seasons of 40+ points, Vidrik only had 34 points, with only 9 goals. The lowest point of his career since S18. It only kept on going down from there. Still loyal to Winnipeg, even after missing the playoffs from S29-S33, Virdrik was a secondary piece to Winnipeg. Retiring in S36

His peak though, remains to be one of the best in the S20’s. From S18-S29 he played 608 GP, 215 goals, 311 assists, 526 points. In the S20’s, he led that decade in points, 2nd in goals, and 1st in assists too.
For his whole career he had 958 GP, 267 goals, 395 assists, for 662 points. Having 3 Ron Mexico nominations, 2 Jay McDonalds, and plenty of other accomplishments. He was one of the best players at that time. A staple to Winnipeg. When he finally retired in S36 he was 19th all time in points.

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Great player, even better user. Hope JC is doing well, surprised he never came back.

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