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Organizational History
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Ottawa Highlanders
Team Records
Global: 24-38-4 - 0.394%
S76: 24-38-4 - 0.394% (Lost in Round 1 2-4 to the Carolina Kraken)
Draft History
S76: Hockey Player (9OA) / Drake Smith (52OA)
S77: Easton Schaffer (3OA) / Spaceman Spiff (11OA) / Clarence Worley (19OA) / G. Zip III (35OA) / Marshall Mathers (51OA) / Pasmindfrl (67OA)
Waivers History
S76: Bishop Van Apeldoorn / Jacob Maccabees / Peyton Campeau
S77: Bodhi Echo

[Image: image.png]  [Image: lap-teamsig.png]
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[Image: 7MO9RpC.png] [Image: G1cbXSf.png] [Image: gdppv5N.png]
Panthers Ireland Highlanders

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