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The Reincarnation of Otis Boudreaux?
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The Reincarnation of Otis Boudreaux?

Otis Boudreaux, a name that is full of "what might have been's" as he showed loads of potential and fizzled out just as quickly as he entered the SHL universe. His departure left many unanswered questions, unfulfilled promises and possibly some bad feelings towards his quick exit. But even though Otis departed before he reached the annals of SHL lore his name has been linked to the SHL through the cyberverse. 

Then there was a random email, a voice from his past, an invitation to return to the land of possibilities. The explanation of how the league had changed, things were simplified and the opportunity to accept the challenge of achieving glory on the ice in the SHL had landed in his inbox and his mind started swirling.

But Otis was too old, had been in the seats for too long to revive his career. All of the promise of the Irish Kid was lost. So he officially hung up his skates. The career that never was ended....before it began. So Otis reached out to his nephew in England. The bruiser of a defender, 6'8" Ozzy Bradford might be the one to bring the family ice-honors. Would this youngster from Bath be interested in following his uncle into the SHL?

Ozzy met with Otis to discuss the possibility. Otis talked about how much he enjoyed the SHL. He told the stories of his time in America and Canada. His eyes lit up as he described the places he had been, the arenas he had played in, the hotels he stayed in....well all of it. With every story Ozzy moved closer to the edge of his seat and his eyes grew bigger. Finally he turned to his parents, Rosie and Bilbo, with that look of pleading, hoping they would let him go. Otis stated he would travel with Ozzy and keep him out of trouble, promising his sister that no harm would come to Ozzy and it would open doors for him that he would never get if he stayed in Bath.

Finally Ozzy got the node of approval. He leaped in the air (he seemed to be able to lift that 260 pound frame off of the ground with ease) and rushed off to his room to pack his stuff. Otis had anticipated this and had his bags waiting in the hall. 

Ozzy and Otis headed to the train station, caught the train to London and a flight to Toronto....and then to who knows where. But every new journey starts with one step and where Ozzy will go who knows? But his uncle Otis will be there to help him along the way.

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