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S76 Award Nominations
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S76 SHL Awards Show
Time: TBD
Where: SHL Youtube Channel

Hey everyone! Here are the S76 SHL Nominees.

Now without further ado let's look at some nominees!

Team Awards

Challenge Cup Winner
San Francisco Pride  pride

Mathias Chouinard Trophy (Eastern Champions)
Baltimore Platoon Platoon

Cole Reinhart Trophy (Western Champions)
San Francisco Pride pride

Presidents’ Trophy (Best Regular Season Record)
Baltimore Platoon Platoon - 107 points

Individual Awards

Sergei Karpotsov Trophy (Regular Season Points Leader)
pride Viktor Hargreeves - 125 Points (59 Goals, 66 Assists)

Jay McDonald Trophy (Regular Season Goals Leader)
pride Viktor Hargreeves - 59 Goals

Turd Ferguson Trophy (Regular Season PIMs Leader)
Blizzard Ben Waters Jr &   Dragons Sven Holmberg - 88 PIMs

Mike Honcho Trophy (Least Goals Allowed)
Platoon  - Sir Devoir & Beau Kavanagh - 186 Goals Allowed


John McBride Award (Best Goaltender)
Aurora Rhett "Shaggy" Carpet Aurora
Platoon Sir Devoir Platoon
pride Justin Time pride

Scott Stevens Award (Best Defenseman)
Steelhawks Wide Peepo Happy 3 Koivu Steelhawks
pride Willow Soderberg-Snooks pride
Stampede Nash Topalo Stampede

Bojo Biscuit Award (Best Defensive Defenseman)
Inferno Philippe-Eko Eel Inferno
Renegades Hodor Renegades
Dragons Cheeks Klapanen Dragons

Jeff Darr Award (Best Two-Way Forward)
Platoon Erik Bergmark Platoon
Platoon Adam Liebold Platoon
Aurora Mikko Rashford Aurora

Ryan Jesster Award (Best Rookie)
syndicate Sad Ketchup syndicate
Barracuda Shawn Pawn Barracuda
Stars Brooklyn Physt Stars

Aidan Richan Award (Most Improved)
Platoon Sir Devoir Platoon
pride Viktor Hargreeves pride
pride Oskar Scholz pride

Lance Uppercut Award (Best GM Duo)
Platoon Baltimore Platoon Platoon
Panthers Los Angeles Panthers Panthers
pride San Francisco Pride pride

Joe McKeil Award (Best Coach)
Platoon Baltimore Platoon Platoon
Stampede Buffalo Stampede Stampede
Specters New Orleans Specters  Specters 

Damian Littleton Award (Most Dedicated User)

Ron Mexico Award (Most Valuable Player)
pride Viktor Hargreeves pride
Panthers Derek Martin Panthers
Stars Jack St. Clair Stars

Anton Razov Award (Playoff MVP)
Platoon Beau Kavanagh Platoon
pride Willow Soderberg-Snooks pride
pride Dominik Winters pride

Sarmad Khan Award (Players MVP)
Platoon Erik Bergmark Platoon
pride Viktor Hargreeves pride
pride Oskar Scholz pride

Congratulations and good luck to all our amazing nominees, I hope to see you all there!

As always if I’ve made an error in spelling of name or one of the top seasonal awards, please let me know asap.

[Image: 66168_s.gif]

[Image: lUeg4KM.png]

Happy to see all the Pride out here picking up award noms! Hopefully we can bring home some more hardware!

Alex Winters (retired)
Matej Winters (retired)
Dominik Winters
S45 Jesster Trophy Winner
Challenge Cup Winning Goal Club: S52

Roll pride

[Image: IAP8v68.png]

pride Armada  Player Page || Update Page  Germany pride

Wow I didn’t get a ROTY nomination fuck

Not a lot of Texas players compare to last season... really sad.

[Image: SyiOY8U.png]
 [Image: 5tu6.png] [Image: bdzv.jpeg]

Mexico nom? Wow, honored, couldn't have done it without my team behind me! Panthers

[Image: image.png]  [Image: lap-teamsig.png]
@jason kranz sig elite / @sulovilen elite sig
[Image: 7MO9RpC.png] [Image: G1cbXSf.png] [Image: gdppv5N.png]
Panthers Ireland Highlanders

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