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CGY Pre season

The regular season is just around the corner and i tought what a better time to talk about calgary dragons and their pre season.
so here we are im gonna talk a bit about the calgary dragons pre season firstly starting with all of the games

game 1 against barracuda: tough game 7-2 loss not really a great game at all from calgary but we saw sonja and froyja score their first shared goal together with sonja as the scorer and froya with the assist

game 2 against aurora: 5-4 OT loss calgary had more shots on goal but winnipeg seems to have had better shots and thus winning it 5-4 in OT one funny thing about the game also is winnipeg scored 4 goals in the first period meaning calgary came back form 4-0 to 4-4 sadly winnipeg won in OT with former yukon player Langston Hardison Laurent scoring the OT winner (my player is from yukon and form the same draft class so i have to mention)

game 3 against Forge: 7-3 Loss another bad game by the dragons not really anything to pinpoint for calgary no one really had a good game or anything  expect the backup when the starter was pulled the third period after the PHI scoring their 7th goal  the backup had 8 saves and 0 goals allowed in 19 minutes of time on ice

game 4 against panthers: 7-4 loss It seems that calgary really likes giving in 7 goals to the oposing side and if not including the game 2 calgary score has increased by 1 while opposing teams score stayed the same This means only 3 more games until a tie 
now to the actual game itself another bad game not really anything to point out so we shall move to game 5

Game 5 against syndicate 4-1 victory (finally) Calgary coming with the W with also both teams having a high number of shots Calgary having 39 and chicago having 47 and the gwg was scored by Sunrise van de Schubbekutteveen nothing else to pinpoint really

Game 6 against platoon 4-2 loss another bad game but  baltimore platoon having 58 shots on goal so don't blame the goalie on this one but the team like 58 shots and only 4 goals rebecca montagne the calgary starter was cooking something here otherwise a bad game from calgary

Finally game 7 against panthers with another 7-4 loss to panthers (basically identical to the last one) another bad game from the the entire team so lets just move over with this and get to team stats from the pre season

The higest scoring Calgary player is arthurr kaliyev with 5 goals and 6 assists making it 11 points
The higest scorring rookie in calgary is froya solberg with 2 goals and 4 assists making it 6 points
higest defender points is split in two with sven holmberg and kaarlo koivunen
Sven holberg having 2 goals and 2 assits and kaarlo koivunen having 4 assits both being 4 points
the skater with the most icetime is cheeks klapanen with 22 minutes and 20 seconds and the forward with the most ice time is tom pedersen with 21 minutes and 42 seconds
the most number of blocks in the team is by kaarlo koivuen with 16 blocks

well that marks the end of pre season look into calgary lets hope regular season goes better 
GO DRAGONS!   Dragons

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