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Team Awards
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Cob O'Corn Leadership Award
This award is named after a player who showed up with high spirits, high leadership and constant encouragement, despite personal woes, and a lot going on. Leadership is defined not in how much you show up, but how you show up when its needed most. Cob (@SloppyPainter) bought into the project hard, never once complained and was a beacon of resilience on his final season to pave the way for success in the Franchise, most of the time outside the spotlight.

S76 : Hockey Player - Ruggsy

Ottawa Claymore - Best Forward
"The claymore is one of the most recognizable swords in history. A uniquely Scottish two-handed sword first appearing at the beginning of the sixteenth Century.''. What better way to symbolize our offense than by naming this award after one of the more recognized weapons of Scottish tradition!

S76 : Benji Hockiwi - Hockiwi

Tartan Shield - Best Defenseman
As opposed to the Claymore, the Shield is synonymous with defense, keeping safe and parrying your opponent's blows. Moreso, the Shield is synonymous with Scottish heritage as it is the foundation to family crests, the cornerstone of an identity. The Tartan is our colors, what separates us and what makes the Ottawa Highlanders who they are. Defend our identity, defend who we are, on and off the ice.

S76 : Demir Bellona - Kalakar

Cameron Trophy - Best Two-Way Player
The team draws inspiration from the historical Cameron Highlanders, a storied unit in Canadian Armed Forces history. Being a strong unit requires strategy, that both anticipates attacks and can dish them out. Proficiency at both is what made the Cameron Highlanders so potent, and why the Two-Way award is named as is.

S76 : Hockey Player - Ruggsy

Best Rookie (Name TBD)

S76 : Hockey Player - Ruggsy

Most Dedicated (Name TBD)

S76 : Jacob Maccabees - Missjmt

Team's choice MVP (Name TBD)

S76 : Cob O'Corn - SloppyPainter

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Panthers Ireland Highlanders

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