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S77 PT #5: Trust Your Gut, Trust Your Game Due: Sunday, July 14th @ 11:59 PM PST
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Hodor is a relatively trusting person, just say the right "Hodors" and don't kick animals and he won't have any beef with you. If a mysterious man arrived to help prepare for a game, Hodor would give him a shot. Hodor's favorite meal is fish soup. It reminds him a great about his home back at Winterfell and of the great fish soup his mother made that he grew up on. He's task the dysentery man with catching fish while Hodor scavenger for herbs, then they'd both take turns watching the soup until it was ready. Hodor would probably also share with the stranger. Then, his pre game ritual would be communing with the local critters. He likes animals of all kinds, but finds the most ignored ones are the small birds and rodents of the city. They are also informative as they can spy on the opponents to help figure out what they're doing to prepare.

hodOOOOr'hOOOdoooooooor hoooodor hOOdOOORRRR, Hooooooodooooorrrr HoooooddddddddoooooooRRRR

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It’s game 7. I feel a little god in my hands. I think I could convince the coach to let me into the game quite easily. You ever hear about rizz? I’ve got insane rizz. Skibidi rizz, even. There’s a certain look that people say that I could ask for the world with, and succeed. A certain expression that just utterly disarms and charms the layman, my facial muscles constructing an adversarial attack pattern that burrows past conscious reasoning and through millions of years of evolution directly into the lizard hindbrain. Once you get into the subconscious, all bets are off. It’s said that the evolutionary purpose of the suggestibility response of hypnosis was to aid in social bonding. Some say it’s a latent spiritual impulse. I say it’s just the trick up my sleeve to get me on the ice for those vital dying moments of the game.

While sitting on the bench and dying to get out there, Rasmus does what he knows is best to gain people’s confidence in his ideas: he makes them a 27 page powerpoint. Now you’re wondering, how on earth would he have the ability to put together a slide deck? The answer is the ipads on the benches. Rasmus is a powerpoint wizard and would have those things locked down within minutes, a custom template already waiting to go and be filled out so he can have it going in minutes and ready in front of the couch so he can plead his case. He’d point to his players ability to transition the puck up ice, he’d talk about his leadership abilities and strong communication skills, he’d talk about the cannon his player could be unleashing from the point and finally he’d have a video montage of every clutch goal scored in his career - it’s a short video don’t worry so the deck is still viable.

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It is game 7 with 2 minutes left and we are losing by one goal, and the entire season is based on what happens in the next few minutes. My player did not have the best game he could have, however he always carries the mindset that at any point in a game that he can change the outcome and this is the perfect example to showcase this. Being the star player, the coach knows that the best players should be on the ice no matter what their game performance is like because at the end of the day you win and lose with your best on the ice giving it their all. My player's plan of attack will be to get the puck and get his team into the offensive zone. After that he wants to make sure that he able to set up his teammates to score the game tying goal.

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07-14-2024, 11:59 PMgurbs Wrote: P1: I can’t play on an empty stomach, and if I don’t perform my pre-game ritual, I might as well be skating with two left feet. So, when everything went haywire and my usual pre-game meal and ritual were out of reach, I was desperate. I wandered the streets, feeling my stomach growl louder.

Out of nowhere, this shady-looking guy appeared. He had that “I’ve got a deal for you” grin that was equal parts intriguing and sketchy. Without missing a beat, he offered me a solution: a meal to boost my game and assistance with my ritual. My brain screamed, “Stranger danger!” but my stomach, louder and more insistent, growled, “Feed me!”

So, against all better judgment, I went for it. I asked for spaghetti carbonara with garlic bread—a dish so comforting it could probably hug me if it had arms. To my surprise, the meal was amazing.

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I would like to think that my player is in his prime right now, and he is one of the more elite players in the league after posting some 100 point seasons. I think he can be trusted at the end of the game down by one goal. He has not always been super clutch in the past, but that just means he is overdue for his iconic goal, so it is not a bad idea to put him on the ice. to be honest, the smart move is to play the guy who is having a good game, and as the captain my player needs to advocate for his teammates, so if it were up to him he would most likely choose someone else to play in that clutch moment. but if the coach insisted on playing him, he would not complain. offense is my player's strength so hopefully he could clutch up when his team needs him

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Red Kirkby is starting to get pretty long in the tooth in simulation hockey league terms. The sun is setting on his career and as he enjoys the last few seasons he has at the top he has had to come to terms with no longer being the go to guy in crunch situations. However what he does have is a wealth of experience, not only in challenge cup finals but also in both winning and losing game 7s. If it were to come down to the last few minutes he is confident that he has what it takes and the know how to get the job done and help the Forge get over the line. This is what he would explain to the coach if the situation arose, however he is confident that the coach of the Forge already knows that and in reality he would not have to raise it with him at all.

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Option 2:

The timeout was called, Leo sat on the bench as the Syndicate were losing with so little time left. The rational thing would be to put your best attackers on the ice but Leo got a second to speak to the coach
“We pull the goalie, we lose the puck once it’s over, put me me in I can play a defending role while the other 5 attack”
“No we need all the attackers on the ice”
“Listen. Like I said. One turnover and we lose: you know me. I do not lose the puck and if someone else loses it I get it back. If I don’t I can stop the puck if it goes near our goal. Stop acting like I can’t help on attack too.”
The coach looked at him. Putting a defensive player on the ice during 6v5 was risky, you’re losing an attacker but it makes it less likely you lose instantly when the puck gets turned over. The coach caved an let Leo onto the ice. Did they win this game? Use your imagination.

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written option prompt one the first one

so binko koivu was very hungry just very very hungry one day before a game just absolutely famished and in need of some good grub in his tub you feel me? so he's running a little late so there is not sufficient time to go and grab his favourite pre game meal which is a big juicy long hot dog with some grilled onions and some ketchup and mayo mixed together before being squirted on top and of course the hot dog @hotdog is on a lobster roll like what they use for lobster rolls like the ones that arent all crust but they're white on the sides and split along the crust on top and they're toasted on each side. any way binko was unable to eat that meal that day so he settled with the meal that was given to him by @micool132 nathangus which was some poutine which he really enjoyed and he played very well after because he ate food given by his good friend nathangus yeah @Jepox sim ate it too

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Written Option 1:

When some stranger materializes out of a dark alley and offers edible and to help you stretch, I think the best reaction is to call the cops and maybe the Ghostbusters. Slip McScruff is not the best reaction haver in the alley on any given day. He is all game to eat strange meals and perform strange rituals, as long as his contract remains valid throughout the season.

What does the weird meal do come game time? First, it gives Slip the ungodly energy to play 5 or 6 minutes that night. Second, it gives him an upset tummy so he's farting hard by minute 4. No one can take away the puck if they are too afraid to enter the fart zone.

What does the weird stretching ritual do? Absolutely nothing. Stretching is for try hard nerds who play 20 minutes a night. Stretching signals to the coach that you mean business and that is really a younger man's game.

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Kal Akar Kekkonen recently forgot to eat before a practice with the Argonauts, and he was desperate to find something to get him through the next several hours. When he asked the locker room attendant what was available in the fridge in the next room, there was only half a gallon of 2% milk and some bowls and utensils. The attendant, in a moment of star-stricken panic, offered his can of Zyns to Kal Akar as a pick-me-up. Kekkonen immediately packed all four corners of his mouth with pouches and chugged as much milk as he could get down in the next 30 seconds. Having enjoyed this combination, Kal Akar decided that he would call it "Zilk". Zilk would become a fixture of Kekkonen's pre-game ritual. There are some whispers within the Argonauts locker room that in some instances, Kal Akar prepares his Zilk with citrus flavored pouches. He may even change it up to whole or even buttermilk from time to time.

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2. de Vries has an, well, tell when a goal is coming, good or bad. The team can feel unstoppable and Cade de Vries can feel a sniper shot to the top right in his bones. So when he can feel a goal coming up in the game he’s in, he tells the coach during the timeout to put him in the game as the extra attacker, not the usual 1 and 2 penciled into the lineup for the spot. We still don’t know why the coach let de Vries onto the Ice to execute on his feelings, some say de Vries had the most intense stare that the coach had his inner most thoughts bored down into, and that he had no choice but to accept de Vries offer of letting him onto the ice. And within 30 seconds, through a ballad of passing and trickery, Nevada had scored the tying goal, and without Cade de Vries even appearing on the stat sheet for the goal, impressive crystal ball abilities, or dumb luck?

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