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S77 SMJHL mPT#5 - Somebody Once… Due: Friday, July 12th @ 11:59 PM PST

My team will be the All-Junior team featuring players who have “Jr.” in their name

C - Bean Beanman Jr.
RW - Bas O'Bigbers Jr.
LW - Daquavion Davis II (Close enough)
RD - Eric Vanderberg Jr.
LD - Red Panda Jr.
G - Dexter Harrison Jr.

If advanced stats are the future, then this is your S77 All-Caveman team:

C - Chris McZehrl III - the worst CORSi% in the league

RW - Pressely Armstrong - the worst GF/60

LW - Oswine Spudster - the worst PDO

Aaron Meier - the worst GA/60 among LD

Didzis Kreslins - the lowest CORSI differential

I'm gonna have to start-up this single named team. I mean, is it their first or last name? If it's their first name, is there even a name on the back of their jersey?

C - Wellerman
RW - Hades
LW - Yktrese
RD - Peter
LD - McLovin
G - Kris

[Image: Fsysi9W.png][Image: R6eC8Fu.png]
285 TPE
OTT (S76-)
[Image: ApcZMh6.png]
credit: enigmatic
389 TPE
COL (S56-60)

I’m doing an All-Goon Team for S78. Based on effectiveness + hits + pims + fights.

RW - Inge Baardsen - Lead League in hits
C - Keith McSmith - Lead League in fight wins and PIM
LW - Mary Hollywood - Second in league to hits behind teammate Baardsen.
LD - Chopper Donquixonte - Second in hits as a 5’9 defense. 1 fight win.
RD - Max Hammer - 4 fights , 64 pim.

[Image: blob?bcid=skaYOLgiYjUHIA]

07-06-2024, 02:40 AMefischermann Wrote: I would pick the All-Underplayed Team.

Led by the top line of Cambell Fischermann - Tank Sharksy - Hades. Anchored on the back end by Owen Armbruster - Carl Stultz. In net would be Kris.

All of these players are SCREAMING for extra ice time or games played. Let's hope that next season these teams actually use their under appreciated players.


60 words
What about me :(

Keep Playing Guys 
-Jack Hvaik

The theme of the team is a negative in hockey but a positive in another sport... golf. As a player who is currently golfing in the off-season right now, this is a fitting theme! Every player involved has the lowest plus/minus stat within the S77 SMJHL season. No shame to any of the players involved, simply picking the first position player with the stats given to fill in a spot on the team. When it comes to goaltender, how do you determine who is the best goalie for golf? Simple! By checking the least amount of shots against them: The less shots on the green, the better!

(LW) - Elaina Beneski  Armada 
© - Sam Volta  Tidal
(RW) - Trent Rivera  Tidal

(LD) - Owen Armbruster  Tidal
(RD) - Didzis Kreslins  Armada

GOALTENDER (min: played 20+ games)
(G) - Josh Grygo  Tidal

The All-Raptors team vs. the All-Stars SMJHL S78 rookies team. The Raptors have the top three S78 draftees in Zeus Storm, Campbell Fischermann, and Kral King. This game would be easy work for these Raptors boys. Light work I say.

[Image: zeus-stom-draft-night.png]

My All-Star team will be chosen from what I think are the best names in the League.

LW - Hockey Player
C - Luigi Mario
RW - Wonderbread
LD - Marshall Mathers
RD- Hummus God
G - Evil Kyle Murray

Knights Knights


Thank you @MattyIce & @ThePyroAlpaca for these AWESOME graphics!!

S77 all fun name team

G: Shotty McStopper
D: Jamario Moon
D: Chuck Chunky
F: Jean-Jacques Francois Jacques-Jea
F: Nathangus McExplosion
F: Bas O'Bigbers Jr.

Not all the names are funny. Some are just reaslly aesthetically pleasing names. Another is Bas O'Bigbers Jr because I'm found of continuing the Bas legacy.

[Image: RrqOgzL.png]
[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]
[Image: yuWLBZB.png]
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My theme team will consist of the all goal scoring team. So basically the player at each position who have the most goals.

LW - Jason Warwaha (46 goals)
C - Bean Beanman Jr (38 goals)
RW - Mia Lavoie (49 goals)
D - Demir Bellona (21 goals)
D - Nor Ge (21 goals)

and at goalie will pick the GAA leader... Grant Berd

[S78] #14 C | Jon Garfield
[SMJHL] Regina Elk

[S58] #72 LD | Shion Okamoto
[SMJHL] Newfoundland Berserkers | Former Captain | S60, S62 Four Star Cup
[SHL]   Chicago Syndicate | S64 Challenge Cup
[IIHF]  Team Japan | S60 Gold

My team will be the most bricked up team, the Brickhouse, the team that blocked more shots than the amount of accounts your ex blocked you on. The all-blocked shots team.

C: Conner Ray
LW: Nathan Abel
RW: Scar Bealey
LD: Trent Wiseman
RD: Jack Booth

G: Walter Scheibli (led in saves, even if it was in pads like some kind of coward)

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