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Season 74 Hall of Fame Ceremony

Congratulations, @charlieconway! Well deserved!

_/ _/ _/

[Image: olivercastillon.gif]

Thanks @enigmatic, @Carpy48, @Bayley, @Ragnar, @sulovilen, & @dasboot for the signatures!


This is a huge honor, big thanks to all the teams I played with along the way with special shoutouts to all my Kelowna teammates from when we were all small SHLers and Buffalo bros. We did it Yay

[Image: On57CfR.gif]
  Knights Usa Stampede Patriotes Inferno Argonauts Aurora Renegades Stampede   

Goodbye Ambacas my sweet prince

Congrats to Barron and Sharp Smile

[Image: pppoopoo.gif]
[Image: 7925.png]
Thanks to @karey and @JSS for the sigs!

Former USA Fed Head, Carolina Kraken Co-GM, Tampa Bay Barracuda GM

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