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SHL S77 Playoffs R1 G1&2 Resim

Good evening SHL!

Late last night, following the sim of games 1&2 of the first round of the playoffs, it was discovered that the file used for the first playoffs sim was not correctly updated and was missing this past weekend's cycle of updates.

The correct file was obtained, and in accordance with past precedent, Head Office ruled to re-sim Games 1&2 with the correct file. This re-sim was completed last night at 11:45 PM and I cannot tell you how unhappy I am to have still been awake at that time.

This was communicated to GMs prior to the re-sim taking place, and is being posted here for full transparency. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on the site or on Discord.

Have a great remainder of the playoffs and I swear if I have to write another one of these posts I'm going to fly into the sun,

On behalf of SHL Head Office
- Jess

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This season has been something huh

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07-10-2024, 06:25 AMKalakar Wrote: This season has been something huh

You got your freedom but at what cost

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Can we just quick sim the playoffs in one day?


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Do better

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