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S77 SMJHL PT #7 - One Season at a Time Due: Sunday, July 21st @ 11:59 PM PST

Season one for Zeus Storm is in the books and looking back at it all it is safe to say that Zeus exceeded all expectations. He came into Colorado with not very high expectations being a late 2nd round pick as a last minute entry to the SMJHL draft. Even despite being on the third line for most of the season Storm came up huge leading all rookies in assists, finishing second in goals, and tying for first overall in total points scored. Not only did he succeed at putting up points but he also was a huge positive force on the ice going plus-23 for the season. Next season the hope for Storm is to keep elevating his game and continuing to grow his skill set. The sky is really the limit for Zeus and if he can tack on some more defensive prowess and continue to improve his offensive game he will have a fast track to being on the best the SMJHL has to offer.

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The roster in colorado was tight last season having four rookie forwards we did really well. The third line, my line, was quite productive as myself and centerman Zues Storm lead the SMJHL in rookie scoring both tallying a total of 61 points. Kral King, me, lead the league in rookie goals, while Zues Storm lead the league in rookie assists. Our line mate Campbell Fischermann tied for fourth in rookie scoring. As a line we were the best rookie line in the SMJHL this season, scoring 172 points between the three players. Scoring this much, defintiley was on my goal list this last season. I'd like to see maybe 70-80 points next season and keep moving up the historical leader board. Overall next season, i can work on being a bit more physical getting more hits and maybe in turn creating more turnovers. Im not much of one for the defensive side of the puck, but being able to win puck battles is a good skill to have.

Shout out to ml002, schultzy, slashacm, tedward!
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09-05-2018, 10:04 PMBeaver Wrote: Wow look what the PT affiliation has done to our pristine league.
12-19-2018, 12:31 AMBeaver Wrote: I personally blame the PT affiliation for handing out massive amounts of free TPE to all these players, inflating the TPE they're at when they get called up.
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It is hard to believe that the season is over. I didn’t really watch my personal stats, I was more concerned with how we were doing as a team. Those important wins…and points is where my attention was constantly drawn to. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the post-season that we had hoped to, but we are positive for next season for sure.

I know that I need to get better in helping to protect the net. If I can continue to improve in my defensive ratings, then I feel like I can become even more of an asset to St Louis and help us in our championship run next season.

I did end up with 31 points, still not even sure how that happened to be honest! But I did like seeing that. I also saw that my Offensive Game Rating and Defensive Game Rating were pretty balanced, which I would take as a good thing, but I wonder if it would be better to see my Defensive Game Rating much higher than my Offensive Game Rating, but I am not sure. As long as we win, I really don’t care!

Yea, I just need to keep improving!

Defender St Louis Scarecrows: S78-

Well, considering that I never had a Goalie before I think it went pretty okay.
It started kind of rough and Gino unfortunately allowed a lot of goals but for context it's ceucial to know that Kelowna's defense is almost entirely rookies which does inflate the amount of shots Gino has to face, resulting in more Goals Allowed obviously.

I am happy that the SV% went up the later the season went on, showing that my Updates mattered.
In the playoffs all things considered, Gino played decently with a 1-7 against Regina being a negative outlier.

He was able to outperform Doom Guy and cemented himself for the starter job. It's not exactly a RotY campaign, but I have high hopes for the upcoming seasons and hope that my activity in the LR and TPE-wise sparked some interest from SHL teams. (Top earning Goalie and Top10 earner of this class.)

Looking forward to the draft!

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Overall, after completing my very first season in this league and SMJHL, I can confidently say that I'm very proud of how my player Elliot Alderson performed. Elliot was supposed to focus mainly on the defensive side, but what surprised me the most is how much offensively he was contributing as well. In fact, at some point during the season, Elliot Alderson was leading in plus/minus AND assists for defensemen in the league. The Detroit Falcons also expressed how pleasantly surprised they were by my contribution on the ice , so I am very happy about this. Unfortunately, my player was not able to sustain the high expectations on him as he was one of the worst players of the team during the playoffs. Since this was the playoffs, I don't blame him too hard as is he still a rookie! 

Next year should be different however where I'm expecting more minutes of playtime and being a key contributor on the blue line. Most importantly, next year's playoffs should be the redemption for Elliot. Watch out folks!

[Image: elliot-alderson-spotlight.png]
Credit: xjoverax

"While this has been my rookie year in the Simulation Hockey League, this isn't my first time completing a debut year, whether it's for a new team, new league, new tier, for me every season felt like a fresh beginning. For the SHL, my rookie year here was good in my opinion. I'm older now than when I first started so I'm a lot more grateful and this season was the perfect start for it, going fourth overall in the draft was a surreal moment and getting to play genuine minutes for Yukon has been fantastic. I would say my performance on the ice can be better but this is an entire new ballgame here and my rookie year was the growing pains of it. I want to be a good defenseman, I want to win games, make it to the playoffs and win the cup, I want it more than I want air in my lungs. However, the love of the locker room and the genuine help from everyone in the league and front office has been very welcoming and appreciated. Next season, I'm no longer a rookie so I need to be able to step it up but also contribute to the team as much as they are contributing to me."

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Overall, Cristoforo is happy with how his season went, he's not at the top of the rookie leaderboards like he may have wanted, but 20 goals and 23 assists for a total of 43 points in 66 games is a very solid foundation to build onto in the next season, as long as he doesn't go through the dreaded sophomore slump. In the playoffs, Cristoforo would have liked to help his team out a little bit more, scoring no goals and only five assists in 9 games, and worst of all only shooting the puck five times on net in that span. If he wants to win a Four-Star Cup before his juniors career is over he'll have to figure out a way to find his confidence in the playoffs, and fast. Going into the offseason, Cristoforo has talked with many scouts from different SHL teams and he's excited to face the draft, hopefully getting picked sooner than later by a team with a great locker room.

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I would say that overall, Jon Garfield had a decent first season in the SMJHL. Having joined a fairly powerful team, it was difficult for Garfield to play a huge role on the team, having spent the entirety of the season on the third line, with an average of 15:37 time on ice per game. However, as the season progressed, Garfield started to gain a bit more trust with the special teams coaches and landed on the second unit of the power play, with an average of 1:03 power play time per game.

Garfield finished the season with 36 points in 66 games, which is not exactly the result he was hoping for as an offensive player. This may be due to the adjustment of playing wing in his first season in the SMJHL. He definitely hopes to improve this tally next season.

In possession, Garfield had a decent Corsi For percentage at 52.3%, so the third line of the Elk was actually somewhat solid.

[S78] #14 C | Jon Garfield
[SMJHL] Regina Elk

[S58] #72 LD | Shion Okamoto
[SMJHL] Newfoundland Berserkers | Former Captain | S60, S62 Four Star Cup
[SHL]   Chicago Syndicate | S64 Challenge Cup
[IIHF]  Team Japan | S60 Gold

Considering how many minutes I was limited to, I am pretty happy how the season went individually. From the team's perspective it was pretty disappointing to end the season in the conference finals after going first seed in the regular season.

I ended up with 43 points which I think is alright for a 3rd liner. Most memorable moment from the season must be the 3rd game against anchorage where I scored my first career goal. That moment wont be forgotten.

For the upcoming season our 3rd line is moving up to 2nd line so the responsibility will increase. That means I need to improve every aspect of my game to the next level, but especially we will be focusing on my defensive game. it has been my weakness and with more minutes coming up I can't be a defensive liability. Also been working on my shooting so let's see if we can score couple more goals too.

Well it's difficult to rate my performance. Coming in as a forward, the expectation is to score goals and get some assists, but I volunteered to go on defense since that's where the team needed me. So in regards to my output, it was definitely on the lower side but on the defensive side of things I'd rate myself fairly well. Even in the playoffs, I think I had the second most blocked shots which isn't bad for a rookie. Granted it means we let them shoot a lot, but it is what it is. I tried not to set any expectations for myself other than to be a good team player, and I think I met that. If I set anything big and fell short, I'd be disappointed in myself. As for my favorite part of the season, the playoff run was great. For a team in their second season of existence to make it to the finals and lose in six, that's a feat. The only way it could have gone better is if we won the whole thing but it wasn't to be. But getting that experience will help all of us on in the long run.

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Renegades  raiders  Finland
[Image: WuTGq5J.png]

My first full season began with a 0-6 loss versus the Quebec City Citadelles, and while a shut-out wasn't the way I wanted to start the season, it was already something I was able to forget only 1 day later in our first game of the season against the Nevada Battleborn. At the very end of the first period I assisted with Reynolds on a Chairy Styles goal to help tie the game at 1. And while it wasn't a victory, I was able to get my first goal of the season in the 3rd period with assistance from Kielinen and Salami. It was a really great way to start the season; and while it was a fun was to start, it was a long season with not a ton of rookie success. After playing in 66 games my first full season, I was able to score 11 goals; rank up 26 assists for a total of 37 points. 3 of those goals were game-winners and while it doesn't get much better than that; there is certainly still room to improve; I ended my season with a negative +/- and won fewer faceoffs than I lost. We can only go up from here though!

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Honestly Bas O'Bigbers Jr. had a much a better rookie season than his father did nearly twenty years ago. Part of that is that point inflation has continued at all levels of the game since but another part is that Bas' father came into a team that was favored to repeat as champions and made it all the way to the four star cup championship. Bas O'Bigbers Jr's situation was a bit more tame in that there were championship hopes but it was far from an expectation. So to finish the season as one of the strongest teams in the league and for Bas O'Bigbers Jr. to score 42 points as a rookie was a real surprise and a real treat. Hoping Bas can continue developing from here as he prepares for the upcoming SHL draft where he'll be a 2nd round pick that can hopefully add some depth to a strong farm system.

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